“awesome awesome .. totally awesome – great experience !!”  ~ Lynn B.

“She is the very best!! She has helped me when others did not! ~John E.

“Sandra is simply the Best  She spends the entire therapy session with you, unlike many other P.T.s who work on several patients at once. What really separates Sandy, for me, is her incredible sense of humor. I spend so much time laughing with Sandy that I forget I’m being treated !!! I would highly recommend Sandy…she really is terrific.” ~Vince D.

“Neck, back, shoulders, hips… Wherever you hurt, Sandra makes it better. She has the expertise, attention to detail and dedication many larger practices lack. Using her excellent diagnostic skills, Sandra finds the source of your problem and attacks it head on. She is the best practitioner that I have found in or outside this area.” ~Linda G.

“I’ve been a patient of Sandy’s for over 20 years, and I wouldn’t go to anyone else for physical therapy.  She has helped me through every injury and post-operative recovery, from neck to foot, with outstanding results.  Her energy and enthusiasm for her work, her sympathetic and caring manner, and her treatment of her patients as friends all serve to create an atmosphere of trust and optimism in the healing process.  Sandy and her office assistant, Fran, are an unbeatable team — I enthusiastically recommend Sandy as the finest physical therapist to anyone who asks me.” ~Diane E.

“I’ve been to Sandy Wells for several problems over the years and I recommend her very highly.  I always recommend her to family and friends because I know that they’ll get the best care possible from her. Sandy’s personality and expertise together make the experience of PT a positive one, and her empathy makes you comfortable being in her care.  She’s always up to date with the newest information put out; attending conferences and workshops to benefit her patients care and her practice.  With my tendinitis problems she’s helped me to regain full range of motion when the doctors said it wouldn’t happen.  After a car accident she worked with me to relieve pain in my neck and legs and showed me exercises to do at home to continue the therapy. The important thing about Sandy is that she listens to you and works with you to get the best results.”  ~Shirl C.

“I enjoyed my experience at Sandy’s office. Not only did she loosen my neck and shoulders but the home exercises that were given to me have helped me to stay pain free for well over a year now.  My headaches have been reduced by 80% and range of motion restored to my neck.  And I especially appreciated her undivided attention to ME for the duration of my treatment.  All in all, a very positive, educational  and yes…. fun experience.  I would highly recommend her!”  ~Sue L.